Health Department 'Housing Code' Public Information Session / Wed, March 8th 7pm @ L.E.Philips Library


Third Ward residents are invited and encouraged to attend a public information session at 7:00 pm on Wednesday March 8 at the L.E. Philips Memorial Library.

The City of Eau Claire and Public Health Officials will present and secure input into their plans to update Housing Maintenance Ordinances, add a provision on rental registration, and augment the current complaint initiated system with a Proactive Residential Inspection Program for all housing throughout the city. 

A recent code enforcement survey noted an increase in the percentage of violations of the housing code and the 2015 Comprehensive Plan for the City of Eau Claire specifically addresses improving neighborhood districts. Residents of neighborhoods such as the Third Ward need to maintain the aging housing stock to ensure that quality of life and property values continue to improve. The City is interested in facilitating this responsibility for home owners, landlords, and tenants and chartered a year long Stakeholder Advisory Committee to accomplish this. 

Please see the attached PDF for detailed information. 

It should be a lively and informative meeting and hope to see you there.